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Did you know that marketing your company should not be hard or expensive? Most business people think that for a marketing campaign to be successful you must spend a lot of time and money. Price strategy is emerging as one of the most important resources that most companies use to increase their competitive advantage. When marketing your company, there are several mistakes that should be avoided by any company:

Mistake 1: Avoiding self-promotion

When it comes to advertising, some companies fail to self-promote themselves. It is important to understand that people will not learn about what you are offering unless you tell them.

Mistake 2: Ignoring SEO

Small businesses and startups focus on SEO to push their strategies and attract more traffic. Companies disregard SEO because they see this as an expensive venture especially when it comes to hiring a marketing firm. However, ignoring search engine optimization should be avoided because you will be ignoring something beneficial.

Mistake 3: Failure to have a Blog

Any business, be it a small business or a company should have a blog. Successful companies like the Coca-Cola Company, have very effective blogs that attract investors, creates interaction with potential customers and helps in retaining already existing customers. You should not ignore the benefits of having a blog for your company.

Mistake 4: Ignoring local search

You will admit that search engines especially Google, has become so personal and location sensitive. For example, your search results are tailored to your local area. You can leverage on this by advertising on the free local company listing sites and free classified ads websites and you will benefit from the local search done by other internet users in your area.

Mistake 5: Ignoring social media

Do not ignore social media platforms. Having a business profile on popular social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and others can increase traffic to your business website, open new opportunities and bring in new customers.

Mistake 6: Failing to Network

Networking with other companies gives you the opportunity to understand the market, it enables you to know what others are doing and how to deal with demands and interests of customers. By networking, you will meet potential clients and investors who might help your business grow. Attending conferences, networking online through free business advertising UK as well as on reputable free online business directory site can help in marketing and getting the attention your business requires.

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Mistake 7: Ignoring message boards

People seek solutions by buying products that will answer their problems. Some people go to the internet for solutions, and that is why search engine optimization is vital. Others go straight to message boards or Q&A sites to get solutions to their problems.Free company listing sites UK have also come up with the question and answer forums where customers’ questions are answered effectively by industry players. Use this platform to respond and show how knowledgeable you are in terms of providing solutions.

Mistake 8: Overlooking remarkable customer service

Customers like to buy products in places where they are treated like they matter. Poor customer service can lead to unsatisfied customers and bad recommendations. Treat your customers well and they will come back.

Mistake 9: Never slashing prices

Offering steep price discounts can lead to a reduction of your profit margins, but with it comes with exposure and increased customer flow. This means that you will increase your sales and improve your profits in the long run. You will have loyal customers who will still buy from you even without the discounts.

Mistake 10: Not tapping into affiliates

Affiliate programs, free business advertising sites in the UK and free classified ads websites are great for small businesses and companies that have a budget. Working together with these partners can help in promoting your business and selling your product.

Mistake 11: Failure to understand your customers

You need to learn and know who your real customers are. This way, you will be able to provide products that meet their needs and wants. You will always have customers because you know who they are and what they need.

Mistake 12: Not paying adequate attention to internal data

A number of companies rely heavily on external data sources to help in guiding their decision-making process. They forget that analyzing your own data as a company can also help in answering questions concerning product-market fit and also guide you in making informed decisions. Third parties do not understand your brand or your customers.

Mistake 13: Not adjusting their sales and market channels

Although brand consistency is essential, different markets present different challenges. You need to adopt your sales to the behaviours of each particular market.

Mistake 14: Failure to segment your customers

The value for a particular product varies from one customer to another and the price strategy must reflect the difference. You need to segment your customers to tailor products according to their needs and wants.

Mistake 15: Changing prices without forecasting competitors’ reactions

A small change in prices of your commodities will cause a reaction by your close competitors. To avoid price wars that can destroy your profit margins, it is advisable to know what your competitors are doing and forecast their reactions before changing your commodity prices.

Mistake 16: Basing your prices on the marketplace

The marketplace pricing is the collective judgment of the value of a product. Basing your prices on the marketplace means that your profit margins will be thin and may force you as a company to give up. Instead, you should find new ways to differentiate your products to create additional value for the different market segments.

Mistake 17: Refusing to use referral programs

A referral program is very powerful and a single satisfied customer can bring more customers to your business through referrals. Failure to set up a referral program can be disastrous to your company. Besides being an effective mode of advertisement, it is also inexpensive. You can create referral links on free company listing sites in the UK, on free business advertising sites in UK, and other free classified ads website that will redirect visitors to your business website.

Mistake 18: Not adapting product offering

Failure to adapt to your product offering can prevent market penetration of the product. For example, a fashion company can find it hard selling a particular product elsewhere, especially if the new market does not understand the benefits of using that particular product.

Mistake 19: Ignoring YouTube

The kind of traction you can get on YouTube is immense. It is a platform that allows you to broadcast some of your powerful products. It can increase traffic to your website and enable you to convert the traffic into customers.

Mistake 20: Ignoring changes in costs, customers’ preferences and the competitive environment

Keeping your customers informed of the changes in price is a component of good customer service.
In summary, to attain competitive advantage as a company, you need to watch out for small mistakes that can cause huge implications to your business.

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Understanding SEO Specialist And SEO Content Writer | Globsucceed

A SEO specialist analyzes, evaluates and implements effective changes to websites and blogs so that they are optimized for search engines. So, know that you know who an SEO expert is, what is the difference between an SEO specialist and SEO content writer?

Who is an SEO Content Writer?

An SEO content writer is an individual who understands search engine optimization and uses this knowledge to provide content that is optimized for search engine optimization. Therefore, an SEO specialist is an expert in ensuring that your website or blog is pinked and ranked highly by search engines while SEO content writer creates content, for example web pages, that are optimized. How does SEO work and why should you hire an expert content writer or SEO specialist? Have a look at the following:

Understanding How SEO Works

SEO which stands for search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic from the organic or natural search results on search engines. There are several search engines where web pages, blogs and other contents like videos as well as local listings are displayed and ranked based on what the engines consider most appropriate to the users. SEO can be leveraged to help drive more and relevant traffic, leads, conversions, sales and revenue to your online business or website.

Why is Search Engine Optimization So Important?

Most people today search for information, products, services, places and even people online. This traffic is necessary and powerful for any business or website not only because there are a lot of people viewing or checking out your website, but because it is specific and high intent.
SEO enables your website to be ranked at the top of different search pages. This makes it easier for your visitors and potential customers to check out your website and see the different products or services you are offering. This can be converted to sales and revenue to your business.

What Does Search Engine Optimization Do?

Although the primary goal of search engine optimization is to help websites to be found by more and more people more easily, the way the websites get on the search engines vary widely. So, what does Search Engine Optimization do?

Optimizes your website

This is the first and most important strategy of SEO. By crawling and using other mechanisms, Google and other search engines finds information about your website. However, it is the work of search engine optimization to make it easy for search engines to find and crawl your website. A professional SEO expert has the ability to ensure that search engines identify, find and crawl your website so that it is seen among the first searches on the search engine result pages.

Researches and Optimizes Keywords

Keywords are the words an internet user enters into a search engine to find what they are looking for. Therefore, if you are offering services like massage, salon and haircut, auto repair or you offer products, the keywords you use in your website must relate to the services or products you offer. Search engine optimization ensures that the right keywords are used in creating the content of a website. This makes it easier for your website to be seen among the first top searches when the keywords are entered in the search engines.

Helps create content

SEO also helps in the creation of relevant and important content. Don’t you think it is important for your customers to read relevant and engaging content? Content creation is very important in ensuring that you viewers get new and interesting information every time they open or click on your website.

Increase Website Traffic

For you to increase your online presence, you need to optimize your website. Increased online presence leads to increased online sales as well as offline sales. SEO places your products or services in front of your potential customers and actual customers.

Increase Sales and Leads

SEO helps drive targeted traffic and leads to your website. SEO enables your website to show up only when people are searching for products or services that you offer, location that you are in or the industry you are part of. Increased targeted traffic and leads means increased sales both online and offline. SEO is a free and sure way to gaining more customers and the best way to ensure that your online business or website grows.

Build Trust and Credibility

SEO is not all about ranking a website on the search engine result pages but it also involves creating quality, credible content. It is essential to emphasize that
Google rewards businesses that focus on creating quality, relevant and credible content that online viewers will find is important or relates with them. SEO emphasizes the need for creating and constantly creating valuable, original and relevant content for your website to remain ranked highly among search engines. By doing this, you will create a strong following of viewers who trust your content and easily relate with the content.

Earn Twice the Visibility

Search engine optimization helps increase the visibility of your website to search engine result pages. But when you include pay per click strategy, you will greatly increase your visibility. Being listed on the first top searches of different search engines is good, but being listed twice is better as it makes it easier for different online users to find your website.

Ad Rank is Predictable

It is a known fact that organic rankings are unpredictable; at one point your website is ranked among the top high priority keyword searches but the next day it is nowhere to be seen. However, this is not the case with SEO/PPC. If you have enough money to spend on pay per click strategy and search engine optimization, you will be able to predict how your website will or is performing on SERPs.

Increase Probability of Conversion

By using SEO/PPC you will not only increase traffic to your website but also increase the probability of changing leads into potential conversions. Some people have reported 150 to 200 percent increase in conversions as a result of combining these two strategies. This is attributed to the fact that SEO plays its role in increasing your visibility and pay per click advertising increases leads and traffic to your website.

Increase Click-Throughs

Increased search visibility of your website leads to increased clicks to your website as online users will try to see and find out what your website offers. These clicks or leads are important to your website as they are a requirement for conversions. It is necessary to point out that organic search ranking alone cannot drive the required traffic to your website that can be changed into conversions. But with SEO/PPC combination you will surely benefit from the huge number of conversions.

In summary, it is evident that search engine optimization is important to any website, page or blog. You should consider hiring a professional to do all the optimization work for you if you want incredible results.

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